Parma 2-2 Udinese | Udinese in EPIC Comeback from 2-0 Down! | Serie A TIM

Avaldati 21 veebr 2021
Udinese mounted a second-half comeback to draw 2-2 with Parma with Nuytinck levelling late on! | Serie A TIM
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  • De paul has been a class for the last few years, it's astonishing how he hasn't moved to big clubs yet despite also consistently being called for Argentina as well..

  • Nivelul nostru e de Serie B, ce sa mai faci...

  • Wow stefano chuka okaka fm 2010 wonderkid

  • De paul👍👍👍👍😘

  • I want De Paul & Pezzella at #ACMilan

  • What happened with Delofeau?


  • Steau Bucharest tricked Parma with Man. They payed 13 milion for what?😂😂😂

    • @Axinte Sebastian Observ...ții să le arăți și străinilor (in)capacitatea ta... Băiatul a ajuns de câteva săptămâni și tu te grăbești să tragi concluzii...combinația letală prostie+răutate

    • @Vot Zambila , mai inteligent ca tine oricum!

    • Ești inteligent foc...bravo, felicitări 🤦

  • Vogliamo Denis Man & Mihaila

  • Mihaila ,imi pare rau pentru rezultat, meritai mai mult de la acest meci...


  • Prama gonna get Relegation

  • Parma calon degradasi d kandang lemah

  • Parma suffers a serious problem if they don’t change their style of play, seriously

  • I love serie a,forza atalanta

  • Valentin Mihailă showed his class, should always be a starter.

    • @ion salam Poate ai vrut să zici xenofob,amândoi sunt arieni,deci nu se pune problema de rasism.Mai citește...

    • @a p ba ce faci tii cu rasistii astia? Intorci curul repede la straini numai ca sa te placa. Tipic romanesc Vezi cazul Coltescu. Noapte buna "cumetre"

    • @Jacob Arden man i have to be honest with u mihalia showed a lot more than gervinho lately maybe mihaila isn t at the level he was in the past that is true

    • He is still not reach gervinho level yet, why you said he should always be a starter

    • @a p tu

  • At this rate Parma will relegate again. They need to do something after what they have been through to bounce back to Serie A. Hope they can survive!!

    • They have an ambitious owner they will go straight up

  • Parma it seems new start I hope they don't fall out they don't deserve it

  • Great match 👏 Thx Serie A 😁

  • De Paul+Parades in Copa America ❤🔥

  • 2:2

  • Miaila:))))))) is Mihailă:))

  • Bola nyundul bola😂

  • Боевая ничья! / Пиарю, свой контэнт,а почему бы и нет?)\ - Подписывайся!

  • Udinese will win Serie A

  • Waiting for Inter vs AC highlights. Serie A you normally upload it very soon, what happened tonight ?

  • Wow

  • We want D Man

  • Come to Serie B Parma

  • Parma - most unlucky team from Serie A Change my mind

  • Get well soon Parma . . . From Romanisti Indonesia 👍

    • @Kajapa Agrwal i just don't want Parma eleminate from Serie A . . . Parma is my second after Roma . . .

    • What are you up to?



  • Parma is going down sadly

  • I love epl from indonesia Hala madrid

  • Great game

  • بارما خوش نادي

  • Epic🔥

  • Duas equipes muito ruins em bolas paradas defensivas

  • Who watched the interview is there a var

  • W E L C O M E TO S E R I E- B A C P A R M A😁

  • Mihaila and Man should be in starting 11 next match for Parma.

    • @bogdan pentru limba romana, apasa tasta 1, oaie!

    • @Sah Mat Astia cu Talapanica nu merita sa traiasca sunt d astia de tin cu trandarfirul rosu

    • @Sah Mat esti fan talpan....

    • Mihailă da, Man nu.

    • @Gxxx cica glume de cartier...dar tu vii la mine cu vorbe de cartie ..."stai parcat"

  • 🕥

  • 🤩🤩

  • Kapan menange ?

  • Kapan menange ?

  • I support this match Parma serie a and I am happy Parma draw the match serie a

    • Please, is there a var in the interview?

  • I love you serie a

  • Parma are a joke😭😂😂😂

  • Morrocoo 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦


  • Nice

  • Yo yo all are equalizing 🥵

  • Nice comeback,Udinese!

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  • If you want to see the new pewdiepie diss track Go to my channel

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